NB: New website

The Henri Pirenne Institute has a new website!

Please note that as of Spring 2014, this website is no longer updated, but is available for reference only for the activities of the Institute 2010-2013.

About the Institute

The Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies is a cross-disciplinary academic centre at Ghent University for research into the medieval period. It unites about 35 staff members, 30 PhD students, 15 emeriti and a varying number of visiting fellows, and is named after one of the most famous founding fathers of the long-standing tradition of medieval studies at Ghent University.

Our members are drawn from the departments of Archaeology, Art, East European Languages and Cultures, History, Languages and Cultures of the Near East and North Africa, Law, Linguistics and Literature. We also offer associate membership to anyone from outside Ghent University interested in keeping in touch with the practice of medieval studies at our institution (seminars, conferences, summer schools etc.).

The H. Pirenne Institute aims to facilitate both single subject doctoral research and interdisciplinary collaborative projects by  

  • organizing conferences, lectures, specialist courses, summer schools etc.
  • providing a platform to PhD students for the presentation of their ongoing research
  • sharing information concerning new projects and improving the visibility of research results
  • inviting and welcoming visiting fellows who want to pursue their research at Ghent University 
  • developing an international network of institutions, centres and scholars contributing to medieval studies